Your MadBeeTech website includes a variety of predefined pages for all needs: a videos page with built-in video player, a music page with built-in audio player, pages to list shippable products and downloadable files, and much more. You have full control over which pages you want displayed on your site — turn any page on or off at any time.

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You set the overall look of your entire site by simply making changes in the site theme editor. The editor lets you make fast changes to any site attribute, such as the color and size of page heading text, page content text, menus and much more. Don't worry about HTML, web design, page formatting, or any of that web programming stuff. The theme editor is all "point-and-click" — you make changes using menus, checkboxes and color palettes. The theme editor handles everything for you!
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The text on a page, in a product description and in a digital download description is all easily added and edited within text editors that are a part of the Site Builder. The editor also lets you easily mix images anywhere within the text. Like the site theme editor, it's all point-and-click — there's never any need for HTML or programming knowledge.
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If you have shippable products to sell — printed books, clothing, crafts, jewelry, anything, you can easily list these products on your website. Enter a title and description of the item, and set a price. That's it — the product will be listed on your website's built-in Products page. The product automatically gets an Add to Cart button beside its listing so visitors can easily add the product to your site's shopping cart.
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If you have files to sell — eBooks, music files, spreadsheets, sewing patterns, any type of file, you can easily list these digital downloads on your website. Like a shippable product, you enter a title and description of the item, and set a price. Additionally you'll do a one-time upload of the file so it's available for download by buyers (and only buyers). That's it — the file will be listed on your website's Downloads page. The file automatically gets an Add to Cart button beside its listing so visitors can easily add the file to your site's shopping cart. When a visitor does that, and checks out at your PayPal page, that visitor gets auto-emailed a link to download the purchased file. You don't participate in the sale or transfer of the file to the customer, it's all automated!
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Your website includes many built-in pages — pre-defined pages, each serving a particular purpose. If you'd like your website to include a Contact page, you've got it. Just tick its checkbox to turn it on and your site displays a page with a built-in contact form. And you can easily modify that page to include as little or as much contact information as you want. Like all pages on your site, its look will automatically match the site look you defined in the site theme editor. There are over a dozen pre-defined pages all set up to serve a particular need. Turn on or off About Us, Testimonials, FAQ, Music, Videos, Photos, and many other pages.
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Your website includes an optional blog. A blog makes it easy to express your opinions, promote your business, and allows visitors to learn about you or your products or services. Add as many blog posts as you want, as often as you want. Type a title, then type (or paste) the text that makes up a blog entry. Easily include pictures or graphics anywhere in any blog post. Display a summary of all your blog posts on one page, or create categories to organize your posts.
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Any time you add or edit a product or digital download, the changes are automatically recognized by the shopping cart that's fully integrated into your site — there's never any work to do to keep your site's shopping cart up to date. When a visitor at your site is interested in a product or file you sell, that customer clicks the Add To Cart button that automatically appears by the product or file name. That adds the item to your site's shopping cart. The customer can add and remove items at any time, and can check out to make the purchase at any time. Whether you sell products you ship to a customer, files a customer downloads, or both, the shopping cart handles it all.
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Your website allows you to have a membership area that is accessible only to visitors who choose to sign up, and pay, to become members. You set the registration payment options to whatever price and monthly time table you'd like. When a visitor signs up to become a member, that visitor automatically receives an email with a username and password providing instant access. You automatically get emailed a notification of the registration, and the new member's payment goes right into your PayPal account. The membership area includes pre-defined pages for displaying videos, photos, and audio files, and for listing files of any type for member download. If a page doesn't apply to the type of content you want in your site's membership area, you simply turn off that page. Adding custom pages, such as a blog, is done with a click of the mouse button. If you choose to not include a members-only area, one mouse click turns off that feature.
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Your business website is up and running 24/7, so millions of potential online customers can visit your site — and make purchases from your site — any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. From anywhere in the world. When a customer makes a purchase, you'll automatically receive an email. If you're selling shippable products, the email tells you what to ship, who to ship it to, and that there is money in your PayPal account. If you're selling downloadable files, the email simply lets you know that a purchase has been made and that there is money in your PayPal account.
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