Signing up for hosting at MadBeeTech supplies you with a complete, nuts-to-bolts, system to sell downloadable files. When you sign up, you get physical space on a server to hold the files that make up your website, and a permanent Internet connection so that that anyone on the Internet can visit you site at any time. Just like any other web host. But you also get a point-and-click Site Builder — a means of setting up and customizing your site without your needing any knowledge of HTML, php, or any other programming or scripting language, and without the need to know any technical details of uploading site-defining files. Most importantly, you get a system that handles the automated selling of downloadable files.

What do we mean by an "automated selling of downloadable files"? Your site will have it's own private administration area that you log in to at any time. From there, you define any number of "download items." Any one "download item" consists of setting a title (such as "The How-To eBook For Building A Home Bar"), a description (any number of words and pictures to describe your file), and a price for the file. You also then do a one-time upload of your file (such as uploading your How-To-Build-A-Home-Bar.pdf PDF file). After that, your "download item" is complete.

What happens after defining a "download item"? Now, when any visitor goes to your site's "Downloads" page, that visitor will see a listing of your just-defined item. They'll see the title and the description. They'll also see an "Add To Cart" button by the item (that button is generated automatically for you). If a visitor clicks on the button, that one item will be added to your site's built-in shopping cart. At that time the visitor can choose to check out, or he can continue browsing your site to possibly add more items to the cart.

When a visitor has one or more items added to the cart, she can check out. Doing that takes the visitor to your PayPal page, where the visitor has the option to pay using funds from her own PayPal account, or instead using a credit or debit card (whether or not she has a PayPal account). When the purchase is complete, the funds go directly into your PayPal account (and, by the way, MadBeeTech does NOT get any percentage of that money — it's all yours). What happens next is the most important part. When the transaction is complete, the buyer automatically gets an email message that includes a link allowing the buyer to immediately download the purchased file (or files). You get the money, the buyer gets the file, and the deal is done — you don't need to participate in the transaction.

Now, on to the matter of "selling multiple files as a single download." Many site owners have a single file to sell (perhaps an eBook or a video). Many site owners have a few, or many files to sell (perhaps several eBooks or several videos). Some people have multiple files that they would like to sell as a single downloadable "item." One example might be a person who wants to sell an MP4 audio file of a song, along with a PDF document that is the sheet music for that song. This person would want to sell both files together as a single purchase. They'd want to have visitors do a single "Add to Cart" action, checkout, and download a single file holding both the MP4 music file and the PDF sheet music document.

How to accomplish that? With your MadBeeTech website you can sell any types of files. That includes archive, or ZIP, files (a file with a .zip extension). Anyone can create a ZIP file from their PC or Mac. Continuing on with our example of the person selling his song, this person would create a new folder on his computer's deskop, and copy and paste both the MP4 music file and the PDF sheet music document to this new folder. Then, save this folder as a ZIP file (right-click on the folder and choose Send to -> Compressed (zip) folder on a PC, or right-click on the folder and choose Compress Items on a Mac).

Now, from your website's admin area you create a new download "item," which as described above means simply defining a title, description and price for a new downloadable item to sell from your website, along with uploading the file to sell so buyers can download it. Here you would choose your newly created ZIP file as the file to upload, and sell. When a visitor buys this item the visitor gets emailed a link to download the ZIP file. After doing that, the buyer double-clicks on the ZIP file to extract the individual files held within the archive file.

The beauty of being able to sell ZIP files is that you can include any number of individual files within a single download, which makes it easy and convenient for buyers to add a single item to your site's shopping cart, and to obtain a few or many files from a single ZIP file download.


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