There's no question that social media can play a role in promoting your site, and your personal or business name. If your visitors want to share your pages on their own social media accounts, making it easy for them to do that is smart. If you have social media accounts of your own you'll want to display clickable icons of each on your site to make it simple for visitors to check out what you have to say on these accounts. If you are active on Twitter or Facebook, you might want to display your recent posts from one of these social media accounts right on your website. You can do that by turning on a social media feed.

The site builder that is a part of your MadBeeTech-hosted site includes a few ways for you to incorporate social media within your website:

  • Display social sharing buttons so visitors can share your site pages on their own social media accounts
  • Display a set of icons, with each icon linking to one of your social media accounts so visitors can easily view these accounts
  • Display a Twitter of Facebook feed on your home page — a small scrollable box displaying your most recent social media posts

You can turn all three of these features on or off from the Social Media in your site's Admin area.

social media admin page


When a visitor to your site feels the content of your site is good enough to be worthy of a share, it's in your best interest to make it easy for them to send the information out to their family, friends and followers. The best, and simplist, method to do accomplish this is by putting social media share buttons on your website.

The more exposure the pages of your website receives, the greater the traffic — the number of visitors — your website garners. When a visitor to your site chooses to share on social media a link to a page of your site, that share, and link, will be seen by a number of people who were previously unaware of your website. Some of these people are bound to check out the link. That is, check out your website.

When a visitor chooses to share one of your web pages on social media, that person is promoting your service or product. This form of "word of mouth" advertising is a great way for you to acquire more visitors.

The site builder that is a part of your MadBeeTech-hosted website makes it easy to add share buttons to your website. Buttons for visitors to share your site on Facebook and Twitter can appear at the bottom-left, under the content, of every page on your site. These two buttons do not have anything to do with your social media accounts (you don't even need to have your own Facebook or Twitter accounts). Instead, they allow a visitor to easily share or tweet a link to any page on your site from their social media accounts.

From the Social Media page of your site's Admin area, scroll to the Social Sharing Buttons form and simply check or uncheck the checkbox to turn this feature on or off.

display social media buttons

When turned on, at the bottom of each page on your site you'll see a Share this page note along with the two sharing buttons.

social media buttons on site page

When a visitor clicks on one of the buttons a new browser window or tab will open, and with a click of the mouse the visitor can share a link to the page the visitor came from. If the visitor isn't already logged into his or her social media account, the visitor will be prompted to do so.

sending tweet from twitter button click


Do you have social media accounts? If you do, you'll want to make your site visitors aware of these accounts and you'll want to make it possible for your site visitors to reach one of these accounts with a click of the mouse. The site builder makes it easy for your site to display a row of social icons in the footer of each page on your site. A click on any one button takes the visitor to your account on that social media platform.

From the Social Media page of your site's Admin area, scroll to the Social Media Accounts form and turn on (check) any of the six social media platforms that you want to show on your site. If you do not check any of the platforms, the row of icons will not appear in your site's footer.

If you want an icon to show on your site, check its checkbox, and enter your handle (username) for that account. Here as an example we've turned on the display of icons for four social media platforms. On each platform our username, or handle, is madbeetech — so that's what we've entered. You'd enter your unique username, or handle, so that visitors are sent directly to your account.

social media accounts admin

With four social media account icons turn on, here's how the footer on our test site looks.

social media accounts buttons on site page


If you'd like to give your site visitors a taste of your Facebook or Twitter activity, without having them leave your site, you can choose to display a small Facebook feed or Twitter feed near the bottom of your site's home page. A feed is a small, vertically scrolling box that displays your most recent posts to one social media account.

If you are active on either Facebook or Twitter you might want to include a feed of one or the other on your site. If you want to display a feed, pick the one you're most active on. Most people develop a preference and update one social account more often than the other. Or, if active on both, make a post on one and then repeat the post on the other. So displaying both feeds on your site can be redundant, or confusing. If you aren't very active on either platform, then don't bother displaying either feed — doing so would display old, dated posts and be of no value to visitors.

From the Social Media page of your site's Admin area, scroll to the Social Media Feeds form and check the box for the feed you'd like displayed. Enter your username, or handle, for that account. As an example, our Facebook account can be found at — our Facebook handle (username) is madbeetech. So that's what we entered in the Your Handle (Username) textbox for Facebook. You'd enter your unique username, or handle, so that the feed for your particular social media account is displayed.

social media feeds admin

We've turned on a Facebook feed for our MadBeeTech Facebook account. Here's how it looks at the bottom of the home page of our test site:

social media feed on site

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