Many site owners create videos related to the product or service they sell, and upload them to YouTube. Including a link back to their website in a video description is a good way to drive some traffic to their website. A person who doesn't know about the site comes across the video on YouTube, likes it, and then clicks the link to check out the website.

A site owner who uses the above technique might also want to display one or more of their videos directly on their website. That won't drive traffic to their website (a person who would view this embedded video is already at their website). However, it gives a visitor one more reason to stick around at the website, and one more reason to possibly be convinced to buy the site owner's product or service. It can turn a visitor into a buyer.

According to Attivio, a leading cognitive search & insight platform, videos that include a link to a website can increase traffic to that site by 300% or more. Additionally, video embedded on a website doubles the time visitors spend at that website, and increases the number of pages viewed by visitors by over 60%.

In short, embedding a video on your site adds value to visitor experience and increases visitor time on your site. That can mean increased sales and, as a side-benefit, may send a positive signal to Google which in turn may contribute to higher search rankings.


The site builder that's a part of your MadBeeTech-hosted website makes it easy to embed a YouTube video on any page of your site.

To begin, go to YouTube and make your way to the page that displays the video you're interested in embedding on your site. Here we went to one of our YouTube videos that's a short promo for our SEO services. You'll go to whatever video you're interested in.

video of interest

Click on the SHARE link (that link has been outlined in red in the above figure to emphasize where you click). Doing that brings up a dialog that lists sharing options.

embed button

You'll be embedding this video on your site, so click the Embed link. Now you'll see an area labeled Embed Video that displays a small bit of embed code. Understanding this code isn't of any importance — all you are going to be doing is copying the code and, just ahead, pasting it in your site's Admin area. Go ahead and click on the code. All of the code will automatically be highlighted. Now simply copy it (Ctr-C or whatever keyboard command you use to copy selected text).

youtube embed code

Note: You can embed anyone's video on your website — it doesn't have to be a video you created and uploaded to YouTube. If you click on a video's SHARE link, and the dialog that appears displays an Embed link, that means the video is available for sharing by anyone.

Now the embed code is copied and ready to be pasted in your site's Admin area.

Leave YouTube and go to your site's Admin area (log in if you haven't already done so). Note that the embed code you copied at YouTube is still present, ready to be pasted wherever you want.

In the Admin area click on the link of the page where you'll be embedding the video. Here in our example we want to embed the video on our site's test page, so we click on the Test link.

admin area test page

Scroll down to the area in which the video should appear and click the Edit icon. You're faced with a text editor that displays any text and graphics you've already entered. Click in the editor at the point that you want the video to appear. Then paste it in the editor (Ctr-V or whatever keyboard command you use to paste previously copied text). We've framed the pasted code in red below — you'll see a similar result.

paste embed code

Click the Update button to save your work, and you're done. You'll want to verify the results, so open a new browser tab or window and go to your site — in particular, go to the page on your site that you just edited. You'll see the video, right where you added it. It's embedded on the page, meaning that when it's played by a visitor that visitor will view the playing video right there on your site — the visitor won't leave your site and go to YouTube to view it.

embedded video on site page

Let's recap the steps you take to embed a YouTube video on your site:

  • Go to the video of interest on YouTube
  • Click the SHARE link under the video
  • Click the Embed link in the dialog that appears
  • Click on, and copy, the code that appears in the Embed Code box
  • Go to the editor at the appropriate area of your site's Admin area
  • Paste the embed code in the editor
  • Click Update to save your work


If you have several videos uploaded to YouTube, you might want to dedicate a separate page on your website to displaying some or all of them. You'd do that if you think it would be a good way to give your visitors more information about your product or service, and if you'd like to keep visitors on your site (by having them watch the videos on your site, rather than leaving to go to YouTube).

Among the many pre-defined pages that come with your MadBeeTech-hosted site is a YouTube Videos page. It displays any number of YouTube videos, each embedded and with a title and short description. If you want to make use of this page, click the Show/Hide Pages link in your site's Admin area.

admin area show-hide pages 1

Scroll to the YouTube Videos item, click it's Edit icon, and check (turn on) the item's Display checkbox. Click the Update button and this page will now be listed in your site's main menu bar so visitors can access it.

admin area show-hide pages 2

You add and remove videos by clicking the YouTube Videos link in your Admin area.

admin area videos

This page lists the YouTube videos you currently have entered for this page. It also has a New button you can click to add a YouTube video to the page.

youtube videos page editing 1
Enter a title and optional short description for the video you're adding. Then paste the embed code in the YouTube Embed Code text editor.

You find the appropriate embed code for the YouTube video in the exact same manner as described above in the EMBEDDING A VIDEO ON A PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE section.

youtube videos page editing 2

When finished, click the Update button to save your work.

You can add as many videos as you want to the YouTube Videos page. When a visitor goes to the page on your site, they'll see all of the videos, each embedded on the one page, one after the other.

youtube videos predefined site page

If you're interested in including social media on your website, read our HOW TO INCLUDE SOCIAL MEDIA ON YOUR WEBSITE article.


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