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Without a doubt, the number one complaint website owners have is not enough (or any) sales.

The reason most low-sales websites experience poor sales is low traffic. If your website isn't getting many visitors, then of course it can't be generating many sales. One of the best low-cost means for any website to increase traffic is through the posting of comments on other people's blogs. Why?

  • A comment on a blog supplies your site with an inbound link
  • A comment gets your site noticed
  • A comment gets you traffic

That last point is important. But it's only true if the comment is left on a blog that's relevant to your site.

MadBeeTech's blog commenting package consists of 30 manually written comments, each on a different blog, and each on a blog that is completely relevant to the subject matter of your website. That's key to getting readers to click on the comment link to visit your site.


At MadBeeTech we know blog comments work because we've benefited from them. Here's a partial screen shot of our traffic statistics that includes the source of the traffic. It shows traffic from one blog comment:

blog comment stats

We get traffic from this one comment. And we've made more than a few sales from this one comment. Here's the kicker — this comment was posted 7 years ago and we are still getting traffic from it!

blog comment example

What makes our blog commenting process stand out? We know how to find the blogs that are perfect for your particular website. That's key. Anyone can randomly post comments on any old blog they encounter. But those comments will NOT result in any traffic, let alone sales. Like the above comment, we know how and where to place comments that deliver results.

Depending on the sale price of your product or service ... it may only take a few of these buying-motivated readers to visit your site to pay off the cost of the comments and start generating a profit!


Can't I just make blog comments myself, for free?

Yes, you certainly can. Anyone can post comments on websites that allow commenting. But ... without automating the process of finding extremely relevant blogs that allow commenting, it will take many, many days of effort to find appropriate, helpful-to-you, traffic-driving blogs. If you can find them at all. We have software that searches through literally hundreds of thousands of blogs to locate subject-relevant blogs that allow commenting. If you value your time, you probably won't be happy with the results you achieve on your own.

How many comments will I get

You get a minimum of 30 blog comments, each on a different blog. Blogs are monitored by the site owners, so each comment needs to be approved by the site owner. A comment only counts towards the 30 comment total if it is approved and appears on the blog.

What kind of comments are made?

While the finding of relevant blogs to comment on is automated, the posting of all comments is done manually. Each comment will be relevant to the subject matter of your site. Each comment will contain enough general information to catch the reader's attention, but no overly specific information that could be perceived as a false claim or exaggeration of your services or products. Commenting is not outsourced — it is done here in the United States (where we are located) by native English speakers/writers that have first reviewed your website in order to generate logical, appropriate, relevant comments.

Will I know where the blog comments are?

Yes. We will send you a report that lists the URLs (website addresses) of the comments so that you can visit the pages and see the comments.

Why are blog comments better than other sources of inexpensive traffic?

You can find "cheap traffic" sellers all over the Internet. Some offer thousands of visitors for very little money. The problem with these traffic sources is that the visitors are "bot traffic" — the page visits are from automated robots that visit a page for a second or two and leave. The visit will be captured by traffic statistics programs and marked as a visitor, but it's not a human and as such there's no chance of making a sale from a visit. Visitors from blog comments, on the other hand, are real people. And because such a person has decided to visit your site after reading information relevant to your site, you know you have a visitor potentially motivated to buy.

Will there be any personal information about me in comments?

No. Each comment is posted under a random username and random email address, neither of which are in any way associated with you or your website.

How much traffic can I expect to see from these comments?

There's no way we can determine that. What we can say is that with well-worded comments placed on blogs that are relevant to the subject matter of your site, the chances of visitors clicking on the link in the comment increase exponentially compared to comments on unrelated blogs.

How long will it take for all the comments to appear?

Please allow up to two weeks for all comments to be created. Blogs that comments are posted to are moderated, meaning the blog owner manually approves comments.

Are there any other charges or fees for this service? Is there a recurring monthly bill?

No. This is a one-time project with a one-time cost. There are no charges aside from the initial sign up cost.


READY TO GET STARTED? Just a one-time cost of $49.95 can start delivering traffic to your site.

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