With your MadBeeTech website you can sell just about anything online! You can sell tangible goods ("real" items you ship to buyers) such as collectibles, crafts, stamps, and coins. Or you can sell intangible products (electronic files available for downloading) such as ebooks, videos, digital photos, and music files. Or you can sell both tangible and intangible products. Whatever works for your type of business — it's entirely up to you!

Below you'll find many examples of both downloadable and shippable products you might choose to sell. Based on your own areas of interests or expertise, you may be able to think of other products you can sell.
Downloadable Files (Intangible Products)
The administration area of your website makes it easy to add a downloadable file of any type to your site. For each file you want to sell, simply enter a name, description, and price. Then upload the file from your computer's hard drive. Here the description of an ebook (an Adobe Acrobat PDF file in this case) is being typed. After uploading the PDF file and clicking the New button, the ebook is ready to be purchased and downloaded by any visitor to the site.
There are no restrictions on the types of files you can upload and sell! All of the following, and many, many more, work just fine:
wmv, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov
mp3, wav, midi, ra, aif, aifc, aiff
doc, txt, rtf
gif, tif, jpg, png, bmp
adobe acrobat:
adobe photoshop:
ms powerpoint:
ms excel:
web pages:
html, htm
You can sell any type of file from your website. What files should you sell? That depends on your hobbies, interests, or line of work. Here are several ideas of downloadable items you might consider selling from your website:
Want to be an author? Write a pamphlet, manual, or book on a topic you know well. Save it as a Microsoft Word file (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) and sell it online. What to write about? Whatever you know or do best. Write a "How To" manual about:
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Woodworking
  • Exercising
  • Dieting
  • Self-Help
  • Computer Programming
A local band with no label doesn't have many options for selling their songs. You can't sell your songs through iTunes, and producing and distributing a CD on your own is expensive. There are music-selling sites that will allow you to sell your songs online, but those sites typically keep 30% to 40% of the purchase price. Instead of giving up such a large cut of the money, record your songs in a popular music format (such as mp3), then sell the songs from your website. Sell them individually, or bundle several songs together in a zip file to sell for a higher price. You can even include lyrics (as a Microsoft Word file) and/or digital photos of the band (as jpg files) in the bundle. Don't forget that along with selling your downloadable music files you can also sell shippable products from your website, such as clothing with your band's logo silk-screened on it.
Sewing and Embroidery
If you sew or embroider, and make your own patterns on the computer, you might want to sell those files online. You can sell files individually, or you can bundle any number of your pattern files together in one archive (zip) file and sell multiple files as a single download.
Graphic Artists
If you create your own electonic art, sell it as downloadable files. Just like sewing patterns, you can sell files individually or you can bundle any number of your clip art or other graphic files together in one archive (zip) file.
There are stock photography selling sites that let you upload your photos, then pay you 25 cents to one dollar per download sale. Why not upload as few or as many of your photos as you want and set the price per photo you want and keep all the money?
If you know a topic well enough to train others, then you certainly know enough about that subject to write a training manual, tutorial, or educational courseware and save it as a Microsoft Word file (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). Supplement your training income by selling these files online.
eBook Distributors
The Internet offers thousands of ebooks written by other people — ebooks to which you can freely or cheaply obtain the rights to redistribute. Upload as many as you want, add your profit margin to the price of each, and make money from the work of others.
The Internet is a rich resource for royalty free files such as clip art and other images, website templates, and more. Gather it up, bundle it in a archive files (.zip) and sell the packages from your website. Or, visit one of several sites that provides free public domain books (such as older classic books that have lost their copyright) in plain text format and reformat some of these text files as easier-to-read Adobe Acrobat files.
Software Developers
Like musicians who sell their music through a music-downloading website, software developers who sell their own programs through a software-downloading website often pay that site 30% or more of the selling price of each download. Instead of paying that hefty fee, simply upload your program to your website, set the price, and keep the money customers pay to download your program.
Shippable Items (Tangible Products)
Just like downloadable files, the administration area of your website makes it easy to add a shippable product to your site. For each product you want to sell, just add a name, description, and price. You can also optionally add any number of pictures of the product.
What kind of shippable products should you sell? You might consider your hobbies and interests. If you're into a hobby, then you're probably knowledgeable enough about that hobby to figure out how to profit from it. Here are several ideas of types of products you might sell from your site:
  • Collectables
    • Comic books
    • Trading cards
    • Stamps
    • Coins
    • Militaria
    • Movie memorbilia
    • Sports memorbilia
      • Sports cards
      • Autographs
      • Souvenirs
  • Toys and games
    • Vintage action figures
    • Antique toys
    • Diecast toys
    • Model trains
    • Vintage board games
  • Geology
    • Rocks
    • Fossils
    • Minerals
    • Crystals
    • Gems
  • Antiques
    • Sewing buttons
    • Maps, atlases, globes
    • Sterling silver bowls, pitchers, vases
  • Pottery and china
    • Figurines
    • Art pottery
    • Dinnerware
  • Jewelry
    • Charms and charm bracelets
    • Gemstones
  • Books
    • Vintage books
  • Sporting goods
    • Fishing accessories
    • Hunting accessories
If you're the creative type, and involved with crafts, consider selling some of the items that you make. A few possibilites include:
  • Knitted, embroidered or crocheted items
  • Silk-screened shirts
  • Leathercraft items
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Woodworking objects
Through family, friends, or work you may have a source for buying something wholesale. Unlike a hobby you have, that "something" may not be of great interest to you — but if you can buy something at a savings and then sell it for a profit, why not make some money? A few examples of some items people occasionally get an opportunity to buy at a discount include the following:
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Makeup and skin care products
  • Consumer electronics
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Pet supplies
  • Exercise and fitness supplies
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