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Manage All Aspects of Greek Life With the OurHouse App

Being a member of a college fraternity is often a person's best memory of their time at a university. This time can be made even better if the fraternity uses OurHouse, a web platform and mobile app that organizes all aspects of Greek life. From event planning to a built-in calendar to organizing internal communication between all members, OurHouse makes it all possible.

Your Own Private Chartered Helicopter Flight In Chicago

Speaking of exotic rides, another fun service I'd like to try sometime is a private Chicago helicopter charter from My Private Helicopter. Back in the day chartering a helicopter was something only fat cats in business could afford, but lately the prices have come way down and now it's a realistic excursion for people of just modest means. You can charter a flight to by-pass traffic jams on the way to the airport, or to impress some business clients, or even to take an aerial tour of Chicago or just about any other large city.

Selling Your Healthcare Business

After years of hard work to bring about success, many business owners dream of slowing down and lessening their work load. That's when it's time to cash out and sell the business. If you have a small business, especially one in the healthcare field, such as a dental practice, you'll want to work with a company that specializes in buying, and growing, small businesses — a firm such as New Orchard Capital. Sell the business, move on, and be assured that the employees of your business will still be working in a thriving, sound company.
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